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HOCL Disinfectant Solution


Kleen Start HOCL Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Solution spray bottles allow your workforce a simple, handheld option to disinfect surfaces throughout their work area as needed. This cost-effective, refillable option allows your enterprise to leverage the added power of HOCL at every level and surface without the need for added equipment.

Hand Sanitizer


Kleen Start Hand Sanitizer gives your employees and customers a medical-grade hand sanitizer to protect against harmful bacteria and viruses. This refillable, foaming hand pump system replaces harmful alcohol-based hand sanitizer products with a BZK sanitizer that provides a moisturizing, longer-lasting protective barrier to kill harmful bacteria for over two hours per application. It also gives your business the added assurance of FDA certified ingredients with a 99.99% kill rate.

Storage Tote


The 275 or 330 gallon Kleen Start Storage Tote allows your facility to house HOCL Disinfectant or Hand Sanitizer in larger quantities for long term protection. Using the tote to refill handheld spray bottles and hand sanitizer pumps will allow your business to cut down on the plastic waste of other single-use disinfectant spray bottles and personal hand sanitizer pumps. With reusable, refillable Kleen Start containers, your business can reduce its footprint while also increasing personal protection against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Electrolyzed Water Generator


The Kleen Start Electrolyzed Water Generator is a portable sanitizing station that produces your specifically formulated sanitizing solution while remaining user-friendly, maintenance-free, and capable of producing up to 2 gallons of solution per minute. Contact us to learn about the optimal output rate and formula for your specific application.

Portable Station


Kleen Start Global offers a two-chamber sanitation station for quick decontamination upon entry of secured facilities like hospitals, manufacturing facilities, or other high-risk locations. Decontaminate each individual quickly in our patent-pending delivery systems. Contact us to learn more about custom applications.

Mobile Station


The Kleen Start Mobile Sanitation Unit is a wholly enclosed trailer equipped with a fully functioning two-chamber sanitation station. This highly mobile sanitation unit gives organizations the added benefit of faster response time for sensitive situations calling for immediate personnel decontamination. Contact us to learn more about custom features and applications.


Custom Applications


Above are examples of Kleen Start Global application systems for various industries. We will work within your company’s specific manufacturing and commercial goals to create an agile, turn-key station that introduces electrolyzed cleaning and sanitizing solutions to your existing manufacturing workflow without major cost or disruption to your business. Our patent-pending designs can be quickly applied to your industry’s exact requirements.

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