Our Grand Vision

Most global entities begin with a grand vision. They see a universal need and begin to build solutions on a worldwide scale. Kleen Start started as a simple idea for a small issue: To find a better way to disinfect large public spaces without harsh chemicals or dilution in efficacy. As the staggering effect of electrolyzed water solutions revealed itself to us, we began to see the technology’s far-reaching potential. We began to understand precisely who this solution was meant for: EVERYONE. Our scale had to expand. We began to find new, innovative ways to tailor the delivery of our solution to industries with the most significant impact on our planet. To succeed, each enterprise would need to implement these significant advances in sanitation quickly without interruptions to their production. Each electrolyzed water solution and delivery system is tailored for the application of each customer’s exact needs. During this time of unprecedented crisis, Kleen Start has expanded our scope and renewed our mission.

“To provide powerful front-line defense solutions to reduce the spread and severity of biological threats to global health.”


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