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Our Grand Vision

Kleen Start began as a simple idea for a complex global issue: Introduce a better way to clean our world without harsh chemicals or dilution in efficacy. In fact, we were convinced we could increase our ability to fight harmful bacteria and viruses while also doing our best to eradicate the use of unsafe cleaning solutions and the waste associated with them.

Our planet is suffering from an exponential increase in pollution each year. Traditional cleaning chemicals and plastic containers are doing more harm than good to our bodies and our environment. Kleen Start is dedicated to increasing the world's ability to minimize the risk from harmful bacteria and viruses while also purging the devastating amount of waste produced from plastic containers and shipping materials.

By sharing the incredible effects of electrolyzed water and our groundbreaking Kleen Start Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer concentrates with the world, we reduce the potential plastic waste from cleaning solutions by over 16X the normal amount each year. With your help, we can all commit to less waste and greater protection from bacteria and viruses. Kleen Start is committed to "A new kind of Kleen" for our planet and each other.


“To provide powerful front-line defense solutions to reduce the spread and severity of biological threats to global health.”

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